Saturday, May 5, 2012

Let's Be Honest...with Purex!

Who loves Purex? I know I do! Did you know that from now until July 24th  Purex is running a contest where 1 lucky person per day will win a year's supply of Purex detergent!! That's one heck of a prize if you ask me especially since prices are shooting into the stars these days.

Also while you are entering for your chance to win a years supply of detergent from Purex you should check out their series of witty videos called "Let's Be Honest" they are short video vignettes featuring Second City Comedian Molly Erdman. They depict life’s moments of honesty which includes the ironic truths of everyday Life, Laundry, and Whatever.

I'm sure by now you already have Purex loading on another tab. So I will leave it at that! Enjoy watching the videos!

Disclosure: I will be receiving free coupons for Purex detergent for posting this. The opinions expressed are my own.