Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dial Hand Wash!

The Holidays are over now and things have settled down a little bit, so I wanted to tell you all about a new product I was able to try out for Christmas this year.

Dial Antibacterial  Holiday Foaming Hand Wash!

Purex Insiders sent me a very festive package and inside contained two very cute limited edition design bottles of hand wash.

The Holiday collection comes in these different designs Santa, Snowman, Candy Cane and a Holiday Scene.

You be the judge, aren't they all so cute and festive?

I thought it added a festive touch to the bathroom and kitchen, they looked very cute and it encouraged everyone in the house to use it more often, I even caught myself just walking to the bathroom or kitchen to use this hand wash. The scent isn't strong, it's a light and clean smelling scent. I'm not sure if they are out on the shelves yet but look for them this coming up Christmas, I know I'm going to buy all of them if I can find them!

If you want to know more, please check out their website and facebook page.