Monday, December 16, 2013


So who loves going to Etsy? I could browse at that site for days looking at all the cool things people have made and are selling it's beyond neat.
I recently came across EclectricZenMarimo and a wonderful lady named Krissy owns it. This woman creates awesome terrariums honestly they are one of a kind and even does custom orders!
What is a Marimo? Marimo moss balls are spherical, lush green algae balls that grow in Lake Akan in Japan. They are known as Japan's national treasure and Marimos are believe to bring good luck and love!

Krissy was very kind enough to let me review one of her masterpieces as I call it, she was really sweet and answered all the questions I had in a very quick manner at that.

You also have the option of adding snails or shrimp to your piece, I decided to go with the snails. I love to get up close and personal with them and watch them come out of their shells and quickly go back in.  I have found that this terrarium helps me become calm and relieves some of my anxiety, this would be a great gift to anyone because it's small enough to fit practically anywhere.

So, you're probably thinking how do I take care of this? Krissy has already thought of that and provides a care sheet along with your order. These terrariums are not that expensive either and I think would make a great first pet for kids or even yourself! The next time your browsing Etsy why not check out her page and if you have any questions ask them because I know she will take care of everything you need!