Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Purrs~N~Grrrs Review

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I was given the opportunity to review a *Grrr* from Purrs~N~Grrrs. My "kids" were sent a black,red and white *Grrr*, boy did my pitbull Willow take it over, she is an avid chewer and is still considered a puppy and we have bought her many ropes before but each and every one of them make her gums bleed, I'm guessing they are little bit too tough for her. When I came across Purrs~N~Grrrs I just had to try it out and to see if this is what we have been searching for all this time. I'm so glad Willow was able to try one out, the material is so soft but yet so durable and stretchy. I bet you all are rubbing your chin going how is that possible, how can something be strong yet soft? Well the reason the *Grrr* was strong and soft is because Purrs~N~Grrrs uses upcycled T-shirts for all of the handcrafted toys they make.

So if any of you have any young furbabies like myself, check out these marvelous pet toys for yourself, They have awesome prices and will even ship Internationally for an additional price.


  1. Thank you! That is a wonderful review!

  2. Thank you so much for checking it out, feel free to follow my blog!

  3. wooohooo I love my grrrr toy too -- my kids (6 Papillons) love theirs also -- but its nice to read nice remarks to let others know about them